Spring Clean your Skincare with a Nourishing Routine Christmas is a distant dream and spring is just around the corner. Officially it starts on 1 March, but its imminent arrival is almost tangible, you can feel it in the air and see new beginnings with the emergence of spring bulbs

New Year, New Skin Most of us like to start the new year with a fresh approach, whether it’s home, work, health, fitness or leisure. When it comes to skin, there’s no better way to kick-start the New Year than with a healthy glow.  And, exfoliation is one of the

This Christmas Feed Your Skin with Nourishment Not Chemicals “You’re never too old to become younger”   ~ Mae West Whether you’re looking for something to put on your own Christmas Wish List or buying a seasonal gift for a loved one, skin care should most definitely be first in line.

Specialist Digital Camera Takes a Picture of Health At Electric Body we are fascinated by all things health-related and natural.  All products in both ranges, Electric Body and The Cream, are natural, chemical-free and safe to use every day, everywhere, by everyone. At the heart of our products is a life-giving,

Serums: The Perfect Solution for Skin-Savvy Shoppers

Skin serums are definitely having a moment and deservedly so.  As part of a skin care routine they sit between cleansers and moisturisers, offering a host of additional benefits. For anyone keen on layering their skin care regime, serums


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