My Experience with ‘The Cream’

More and more people are trying natural remedies to treat skin, hair and body issues. Awareness of the dangers of harsh chemicals and the potential health risks they pose is on the increase. When I joined Electric Body, they made me even more aware of

razor burn

Bye-Bye razor burn: 4 steps to perfecting the perfect shave

Let’s face it, razor burn is a pain in the neck – quite literally – but they aren’t an inevitability we all have to put up with. In fact, with proper preparation, technique and aftercare razor burns and ingrowing hairs



If it isn’t already a fundamental part of your skincare routine, then you might not be moisturising your skin enough. Whether your skin is dry, oily, acne-prone, blemish free – moisturising is essential. Especially to keep those wrinkles at bay and maintain a

Electric Body gets new website

We’ve launched our new website this week, ahead of our tenth anniversary next year. The new website offers greater accessibility for customers, a wider range of products, and an expanded blog offering skincare tips and tricks to readers. The refreshed look offers people a smoother

Toxic Time Bomb: The Major Microbeads Issue

The Issue

Microbeads are brewing up a storm – for our oceans, our health, and our skin. This week, a government report recognised that these tiny beads of plastic – no more than half a millimetre in diameter – could be


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