Suncream Skin Safety

The sun is shining, the bees are buzzing, and summer is definitely upon us. That may mean longer days, trips to the beach and a load of ice cream, but it also means it’s time to slap on the sun cream. The press has been filled with


Oscar nominated skincare range premieres at European Beauty Show

A husband and wife team who are changing the face of beauty in their native New Zealand are bringing their acclaimed range of skin care products to the UK for

How to have healthy skin

Skin is our largest organ: weighing an average of four kilograms, covering an area of two square metres and with approximately 300 million skin cells. Skin is the barometer of our wellbeing and our main interface

EB Natural Skincare Gains Ground in 2017

A Burgess Hill-based skincare distributor is enjoying unprecedented international success to kick-start the New Year, after receiving a rush of orders from around the globe. Electric Body, a revolutionary skincare range now in its eighth year of business, has been contacted by customers

Turning the clock back naturally

Getting older doesn’t have to mean looking old. For a long time, wrinkles, frown lines and saggy skin have been treated as inevitable facts of ageing – something to accept or, at best, conceal but it doesn’t have to be that way. Cosmetic surgery isn’t


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