How to have healthy skin

How to have healthy skin

Skin is our largest organ: weighing an average of four kilograms, covering an area of two square metres and with approximately 300 million skin cells. Skin is the barometer of our wellbeing and our main interface with the world.

Consequently, exposure to intense sun, or smoking, can show visible results on the skin in the form of premature ageing, poor complexion and wrinkles. The whole Electric Body range is your total, healthy skin solution.

Here are a few ideas for each of the all-natural Electric Body range:

  • Body exfoliation using the Body Polish followed by an all-over moisturising massage with the Body Spray.
  • Use the Body Polish in a foot spa to soften and exfoliate the skin followed by a relaxing and moisturising Body Spray foot massage.
  • Body Spray hand massage – then use the Skin Elixir to soften the cuticles and promote healthy nail growth.
  • The products are excellent for use with electrical treatments including non-surgical face lifts – CACI.
  • Body Polish works well in a hydrotherapy pool as well as in your bath for an all-over moisturising experience.
  • Skin Elixir can be used to remove make-up and is an excellent base for foundation.
  • Any dry patches of skin will benefit greatly from applications of Skin Elixir, e.g. elbows, feet, fingers, scalp.

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