The odd mozzie landed on me, but quickly took off again. I put it on my kids, and the same thing happened. I offered other people the chance to use it, which they did, but even though they didn’t get bitten when they were wearing it, they struggled to believe that the beautiful ‘orange spray’ could chase away the dreaded insects!

Mary Butler
Cardiff, UK

I was introduced to the Electric Body products in May 2008. I am especially thankful for the skin elixir cream. Eighteen months prior for no apparent reason my eyelids and the skin under my eyes became swollen, red and extremely painful. Even water made the skin sting.

I tried numerous allopathic and expensive skin creams however there was absolutely no improvement.

After one application of the skin elixir, the irritation calmed down and within days the redness and swelling was gone. The overall tone of my skin has improved. I am absolutely delighted with all of these products.

South Yorkshire

I have Type 1 Diabetes and, as a result, suffer from poor skin healing. I have used the Elixir on wounds which granulated within 24 hours and healed totally within a week. I have noticed significant improvement in facial skin condition and a reduction of dehydrated patches.

Additionally, I have a 7 month old niece with severe eczema covering 100% of her body. Have used the Elixir on one side of her body and after the first 5 days there was a noticeable improvement and after 3 weeks all the eczema has disappeared.


I wanted to let you know that when we were on holiday my daughter Julie had a serious case of Hives on her arm, I suggested she applied the body lotion to the area which was rigid and most uncomfortable. The result was within a couple of hours the Hives was cleared and she was delighted.

County and Town Councillor, UK

Basically I think the cream is fantastic. I started using it just as my skin was beginning to recover from a really bad bout of eczema. It has continued to improve my skin and is now looking better than ever. I can’t speak highly enough of it and will definitely continue to use it.

Hospitality Manager, UK

Having never used skincare products in my life I was persuaded by my wife to try Electric Body. This had a dramatic effect on the red thread veins on my face, caused by long walks in the cold winter wind. They are now almost invisible and my complexion has much improved.

Technical Consultant, UK

Electric Body’s wonderful Skin Elixir is like nothing else I have ever come across in the market place for skincare. I recommend it to all my patients and rely on it without fail every day. I think its energetic properties represent a revolution in skincare. This product is one to watch for the future.

Niki Gratrix
Nutritionalist, internationally-renowned writer, speaker and award-winning health educator

I have found the product in question to have a remarkable affect on troubled skin, i.e. blemishes, rough skin etc, etc. It also appears to give a more glowing look to the cheeks.

I really feel that having tried the cream, I am now an addicted user.

I have tried it without taking my make-up off at night and it isn’t a miracle cream, you still need to keep with a daily routine but it really has had fascinating results.

It smells nice and its texture is pleasant to apply. You only need a small amount and it goes a long way. Its useful having a cream that you can use all over the face and neck without the trouble of getting different ones for different areas.

When I first purchased some, I had bad acne over my neck. This hasn’t return since and I believe this is due to constant use.


I had a rash on my face for at least fifteen years. It has been incorrigible! Sometimes it would revel in its subtle, yet conspicuous presence. At other times it would impertinently splash itself across the whole of my face in red and crimson disdain. Nothing touched it.

No remedy, allopathic or otherwise, would tame or frighten it away. Yet, in only around two weeks with Electric Body, the whole rash has left me completely. Not a trace remains! I am heartened. Thank you.

So too, there are other changes I am making that I swear EB is influencing, yet, the changes lend themselves less to language and the whole thing is intellectually indefensible… good changes nonetheless. So, thank you for your wonderful product.

Stephen Victor
Oregon, USA

This is a wonderful skincare range and I recommend it to everyone I meet. The texture of my skin has improved greatly and I receive many comments about my glowing complexion – I certainly never had comments before I used Electric Body! Wish I had known about it years ago!

Company Director, UK

I haven’t been this excited about a new skincare product in YEARS! Electric Body Elixir Cream and their Body Spray are truly awesome! Pure, powerful, natural healing ingredients that are energetically available to every cell!

Rejuvenates, restores, heals skin. An all in one skin treatment cream for wrinkles, sun damage, scars, rashes, irritations…you name it. Powerfully healing and protective!

There is far more to this cream than the sum of its parts – trust me! It has qualities that we just can’t put in print yet.

Diane Nivern
Diane Nivern Clinic

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